Birthday Party – Monkimun

Happy Birthday.

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birthdaypartyWelcome to Monki Birthday Party, an educational app for children. Kids are anxious waiting for the next Birthday Party and we don’t want them to wait any longer! This awesome party is the perfect event to get them motivated and receptive, and to learn while having fun.

Birthday Party
The party begins in Monkimunland Park where our favorite pets are waiting: Cowy, Billy y Lisa. (Maybe you met them already in Monki Hide and Seek?)

You will find four mini-games where your little players will have lots of fun while they help Cowy choose the cake and blow out the cake´s candles; put party hats on the pets’ heads and help them break the Piñata open!

There are many activities, including singing Happy Birthday, decorating the park with balloons or stars and feeding our pets with yummy treats.

Pedagogic goals
​Our app is designed ​to combine​ fun and learning. While they ​have ​fun​, ​your children​ are learning numbers, shapes, colors, the difference between big​ and ​small and comparative structures. All ​the ​vocabulary and grammatical aspects​ are appropriate for ​our little ​players (2 to 6 years old).

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