Hide and Seek – Monkimun

Find the hidden animals in this fun app for kids.

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Can you hear that? It’s out there! In the woods! It’s a puppy barking!

Lisa the kitten, Joe the racoon and Cowy the calf are just some of the fun animals with which your kids will explore our colourful worlds as they get to know all the corners where the animals hide.

Join this fun adventure now and start playing the well-known «Hide and Seek» game, but watch out! Monkimun’s animals are so enthusiastic they will change hiding places to guarantee endless fun. And if you happen to get hungry while you’re looking for them, you may pick some apples. But watch out! Oops! Don’t step on the ants!

Our friendly animals will help young exploring kids learn and settle down educational vocabulary while searching through a forest surrounded of landscapes and fauna of many colours.

Key features:
✔ Kid friendly (2 years +)
✔ Six cute animals with whom you can play in several changeable fun worlds!
✔ Every time you play a world it’s different than it was the last time.
✔ Listening clues in English to help you find the animals while you’re learning.
✔ Sounds related to different features in the map, which helps you learn new educational vocabulary.
✔ The opportunity to play with different elements, such as apples, pears, lakes, houses…
✔ No third-party advertising or In-app purchases

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